Understanding the Difference Between Depression and Burnout

A man sits at his desktop computer, overwhelmed with his hands on his face.

Understanding the difference between depression and burnout at work is crucial for addressing individuals’ challenges in the modern workplace. We can create a healthier work environment that promotes overall well-being by examining the factors contributing to their development and implementing effective strategies to prevent and address these issues. In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment,…

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Different Types of Depression and How to Recognize Them

Group of young adults sitting on the grass in a semi-circle talking about different types of depression.

May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and combat the stigma surrounding it. One of the most pervasive mental health disorders is depression. This mood disorder can significantly impact a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and can range from mild to severe, lasting for extended…

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What to Know About Depression and Work?

Female business leader conducting a meeting

Depression can make it hard to deal with certain aspects of your life. On a global scale, it’s the leading cause of disability. It’s estimated that at least $44 Billion are lost each year due to unproductivity resulting from depression in the workplace. At least half of employees with depression aren’t treated. However, with treatment and the proper care, depression…

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Managing Your Mental Health During a Covid-19 Spike

Business meeting or a presentation in modern conference room

During a crisis such as the COVID-19 pandemic, it is common for everyone to experience increased levels of distress and anxiety, mainly due to social isolation. As a result, physicians and other frontline healthcare professionals are particularly vulnerable to adverse mental health effects as they strive to balance the duty of caring for patients with…

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How to Manage your Work while Suffering from Depression

Business man at work with depression.

Functioning in a competitive work environment is always tricky. Still, when you suffer from depression, you may feel like you are trying to work with one hand tied behind your back. Imagine a person diagnosed with depression and the difficulties they face every day. While an individual tries their best to cover their condition, each…

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Guide to Supporting Someone with Depression

Friends Supporting Each Other

Guide to Supporting Someone with Depression Depression affects over 300 million adults and children across the world. As such a large number of people are affected by this disease, the chances are high that you know someone who suffers from depression. When someone you know suffers from depression you may ask yourself, “How can I…

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The Long-term Effects of Not Seeking Treatment for Depression

Long term effects of depression on this man

What are the long-term effects of not seeking treatment for depression? Depression can affect people of all ages and sex, but many people are unaware of the symptoms associated with depression. More importantly, many people are unaware of all the treatment options available to address depression and what happens if it goes untreated. It is…

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Treatment Options For Someone Suffering From Depression?

The man and his provider discuss treatment options for depression.

Treatment Options For Someone Suffering From Depression Developing the right treatment plan for you starts with a better understanding of your symptoms and arriving at an accurate diagnosis with your provider. Your provider will help you better understand your illness, the symptoms you are experiencing, the stresses in your life, and any other diseases you…

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Feeling Anxious About Coronavirus?

coronavirus anxiety tips - anxious about coronavirus - stressed about coronavirus - anxious about COVID-19 - coronavirus anxiety help from Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

Some Tips to Help Manage Anxiety about Coronavirus Fear about the coronavirus has absorbed the world, and we understand that the outbreak of the coronavirus disease may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a condition can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in people of all ages. Coping with your stress and anxiety…

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7 Facebook Pages to Follow about Mental Health Support and Education

7 Mental Health Facebook Pages to Follow for Support & Education – Salience TMS Dallas – Fort Worth

1. Mental Health America – MHA Mental Health America is a dedicated organization for addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all Americans. They are the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit on mental health. Their work is driven by their commitment to promoting mental health as a…

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