Understanding the Difference Between Depression and Burnout

A man sits at his desktop computer, overwhelmed with his hands on his face.

Understanding the difference between depression and burnout at work is crucial for addressing individuals’ challenges in the modern workplace. We can create a healthier work environment that promotes overall well-being by examining the factors contributing to their development and implementing effective strategies to prevent and address these issues. In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment,…

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Tips for Achieving Work-Life Balance This Summer

A woman lounges on an inflatable pool donut while achieving a work-life balance in the summer.

Summer is a time of year that brings a unique energy and a sense of freedom. Many of us seek ways to enjoy the warm weather and sunshine while maintaining balance across our home and work lives. Unfortunately, it can be tricky to find that balance as increased vacation time, pool parties, family trips away,…

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Is TMS Therapy Right for Me? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

A female patient discusses TMS therapy with a female mental health care provider.

Finding effective treatment for depression can be a difficult journey. While many individuals eventually find relief, it often involves experimenting with various approaches, such as talk therapy, medications, and more. If you have already explored these options without experiencing the desired improvement, you may have discussed transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) with your healthcare provider. However,…

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Unveiling the Link Between Discrimination and LGBTQIA+ Mental Health

A diverse group of adults joyfully hold a Pride flag in front of them while outside.

June is a month that holds great significance for the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies as it is recognized worldwide as Pride Month. During this time, vibrant parades, festivals, and events take place, allowing individuals to express their authentic selves, celebrate their identities, and advocate for equality. It is a powerful reminder of the progress…

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Different Types of Depression and How to Recognize Them

Group of young adults sitting on the grass in a semi-circle talking about different types of depression.

May marks Mental Health Awareness Month, a time to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and combat the stigma surrounding it. One of the most pervasive mental health disorders is depression. This mood disorder can significantly impact a person’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and can range from mild to severe, lasting for extended…

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Mental Health Awareness Month: An Invitation to Explore TMS Therapy

Female mental health care provider looks empathetically at a patient.

Mental Health Awareness Month is a crucial time to bring attention to the importance of mental health and promote awareness of mental health conditions. Mental health affects every aspect of our lives, including our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Unfortunately, mental health is often stigmatized and misunderstood, leading many people not to seek the help…

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