What Does TMS Treatment Maintenance Look Like?

What Does TMS Treatment Maintenance Look Like?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) is an FDA-approved, effective, and proven treatment for treatment-resistant depression. Salience TMS Neuro Solutions remains on the cutting edge of TMS treatment with demonstrated, successful results for patients completing treatment. Additionally, we are committed to helping patients beyond their original treatment course with maintenance programs unique to Salience.

By completing treatment, you have made an essential stride in your dedication to personal well-being and your determination to improve your health. You’ve finished your TMS treatment plan, but what comes next?

How to Recognize the Need for Additional TMS Treatments? 

While over 50% of Salience TMS patients achieve remission and up to 80% of patients experience improved symptoms after TMS therapy, it’s essential to remember that depression is a recurrent illness. Some individuals experience a sustained remission of symptoms after TMS lasting a year or more. At the same time, some patients may require additional treatments, treatment protocol changes, reintroduction to rTMS, or another full treatment course if a relapse occurs after six months.

The recurrence of depression symptoms can happen for reasons beyond a person’s control, including genetics, environmental change, and psychosocial circumstances. It’s vital to keep this in mind, and if you begin seeing your symptoms return, Salience will help you address these emergent symptoms. Keep in mind that anyone can have a bad day. However, if your depression symptoms return and become consistent, please get in touch with your physician and your Salience Patient Advocate. Those closest to you might recognize changes in mood and behavior, helping you identify your symptoms and encouraging you to seek help.

For the 2-4 weeks following treatment completion, you will work closely alongside your treatment team at Salience and your physician to monitor your progress. If your provider recommends subsequent treatment, we will work together to create a new treatment plan and see how we can improve your symptoms.

Salience and Your Continuing Good Health

We are here to help you continue to improve your mental health. We encourage our patients to reach out to us for ongoing needs, particularly if you notice your symptoms returning soon after treatment.

Early identification and communication as soon as symptoms return allows your physician and treatment team to intervene more quickly. Early intervention offers you the most cost-effective care. In addition, it gives you the best chance to improve your mood before significant disability results from depressive illness.

Our patients’ success is at the core of Salience, and our job doesn’t stop with your last treatment. We have a complimentary program that allows our team to help monitor for possible signs of regression. In addition, a member of your treatment team will follow up with you at three, six, and twelve months post-treatment to check in and review your clinical status.

Additional Ways to Remain Healthy after TMS Treatment

Your overall health played a vital role in your success and continued health after treatment. Therefore, it is crucial to build healthy habits:

  1. Consistency with Medications. It would be best if you remained consistent with prescribed medication in both frequency and dosage unless otherwise directed by your prescribing physician. Maintain the results you received from TMS treatment by staying consistent with your medications. For patients interested in taking fewer medications post-TMS, we recommend working with your prescribing physician at least four weeks after your final treatment.
  2. Therapy. Please continue to attend therapy. If you are not yet seeing a therapist, it is always a great time to begin working with one. Research shows that post-TMS treatment patients who utilize talk therapy have better and achieve more sustained gains than those who do not.
  3. Sleep. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to continue to improve your sleep habits. Maintaining a sleep schedule will promote a healthier brain and body, helping with the longevity of your TMS therapy results.
  4. Nutrition. A well-balanced diet helps our bodies and minds perform at their highest level. Therefore, we recommend that you consider starting or continuing to take a multivitamin unless prohibited by your physician. Remember, a high-quality diet includes fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, lean proteins, fish, and olive oil. We also recommend taking 1 to 2 grams of Omega-3 Fatty Acid (or fish oil) supplements daily.
  5. Exercise. Start a regular exercise regime or build on your current one. Work to engage in any activity that increases your heart rate for 20-40 minutes, 3-4 times a week, with the approval of your Primary Care Physician. A good thing to consider is joining a local class or getting a workout buddy.

For more information on our maintenance program, please call (214) 880-8778 or email us at info@salienceneuro.com