Salience TMS Partners with CyFair Psychiatry for TMS Therapy in Houston

Mental Health Treatment in Houston

[Houston, August 29, 2023] Salience Neuro TMS Solutions (Salience TMS), the leading provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy, is thrilled to announce a transformative partnership with CyFair Psychiatry. This strategic collaboration brings together cutting-edge technology and compassionate care, aiming to elevate the standard of mental health treatment.

The partnership between Salience and CyFair Psychiatry marks an exciting milestone in the field of mental health. Leveraging Salience’s expertise in TMS Therapy and CyFair’s traditional approach to mental health, this collaboration seeks to redefine the way patients experience and overcome emotional challenges.

“We are excited to join forces with CyFair Psychiatry to make TMS Therapy more accessible to those seeking improved mental well-being,” stated Brett Cormier, co-founder and CEO of Salience TMS. “This partnership combines our expertise in the delivery of TMS Therapy with CyFair’s patient-centered approach to deliver unparalleled support on the journey to emotional resilience.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Salience TMS to offer our patients a truly transformative mental health care experience,” said Dr. Ajinder Dhatt MD, Owner and practicing Psychiatrist at CyFair Psychiatry. “This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing innovative, holistic solutions that empower individuals to lead fulfilling lives.”

TMS Therapy

TMS Therapy is FDA approved and covered by most major insurance companies for treatment-resistant depression and anxious depression. By targeting key areas in the brain responsible for emotions, thoughts, and actions, it offers patients the opportunity to regain focus, improve cognitive function, enjoy restful sleep, and enhance their overall emotional resilience.

Benefits for Patients

Through this partnership, patients at CyFair Psychiatry can now access TMS Therapy, provided by Salience, seamlessly integrated into their treatment plans. This non-invasive and outpatient therapy provides a path to enhanced well- being with swift, 20-minute sessions that allow patients to resume their daily routines immediately after treatment. The comprehensive care approach ensures that TMS Therapy can be combined with other therapeutic methods offered by CyFair, including talk therapy and medication management.

Salience TMS

Salience TMS is at the forefront of innovative mental health treatment through TMS Therapy. With a focus on enhancing brain communication, Salience TMS is dedicated to transforming lives through evidence-based therapies. We work to advance TMS Therapy, develop better patient outcomes, and collaborate with communities to transform mental healthcare.

CyFair Psychiatry

CyFair Psychiatry offers expert diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues, delivered with understanding and compassion. CyFair Psychiatry helps people who are experiencing distressing and life-altering mental health issues, from anxiety, depression, and panic disorder to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.

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