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What is Major Depressive Disorder?

Major Depressive Disorder is a common and serious medical illness that causes persistent and distressing symptoms that negatively affect your ability to regulate your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions.

It can lead to a variety of emotional and physical problems, making it difficult for a person to function at work and at home. When left unchecked, depression weakens or disconnects neural pathways in the Salience Network.

How depression impacts the Salience Network?

Salience isn’t just our namesake. It’s also the name of the network in the brain that is most correlated with depression. The word “Salience” means “prominence or deserving of our attention,” which perfectly describes the Salience Network and its role in deciding how mood and thoughts are focused.

As the brain’s emotional control center, the Salience Network delivers signals to and from the areas of the brain that determine how we act, react and respond to situations, thoughts and feelings. When a person is suffering from Major Depressive Disorder, often the signals that would normally regulate mood and emotions cannot make their way back across the Salience Network. Many patients with depression also experience other symptoms such as anxiety or lack of sleep due to this lack of connectivity.

Our FDA cleared, non-invasive TMS treatment helps awaken and strengthen those neural networks through repetition and stimulation. Similar to the concept of physical therapy, Salience TMS therapy works to restore the brain’s ability to naturally decode, evaluate and react to what’s happening around it, helping patients truly recover from depression and reconnect back to their life.

What is the Salience Network?

How does TMS Therapy Treat Depression?

TMS uses MRI strength pulses field to safely and systematically target, stimulate and strengthen disengaged neural pathways. Over time, the inactive synapses begin firing again, connecting the proper signals back to the Salience Network—and reconnecting patients back to life.

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In 2008, the FDA approved TMS therapy to treat major depression.

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Patient Success

Since 2019, approximately 85% of Salience patients have reported seeing improvement in their depression symptoms.

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Comfortable Care

TMS is a non-invasive treatment. You can drive yourself to and from our private clinics for each session.

Patient's Guide to Understanding Depression

Our partners at Salience Health have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you be more informed about depression, how depression affects the brain, and understand your treatment options.

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What is Anxious Depression?

There is anxiety, and there is depression, and both are separate disorders. But, what about when you have both?

According to research, anxiety, and depression occur together for approximately one-half of depressed patients. When these disorders occur together, it complicates the treatment of depression.

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