Salience TMS Partners with CyFair Psychiatry for TMS Therapy in Houston

Mental Health Treatment in Houston [Houston, August 29, 2023] – Salience Neuro TMS Solutions (Salience TMS), the leading provider of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Therapy, is thrilled to announce a transformative partnership with CyFair Psychiatry. This strategic collaboration brings together cutting-edge technology and compassionate care, aiming to elevate the standard of mental health treatment. The…

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Neuro-Cardiac Guided TMS Study Now Open

Neuro Cardiac Guided TMS Therapy

Salience TMS is now offering a new research study of personalized treatment based on your heart rate: Neuro-Cardiac Guided TMS. Recently, an international group of brain researchers has developed a simple but powerful method for fine-tuning the position of the TMS coil on the head during treatment: Neuro-Cardiac-Guided (NCG) TMS.  By recording your heart rate during stimulation…

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SmartHealth PayCard and Salience TMS Neuro Solutions Team Up to Make TMS Therapy More Affordable and Accessible

Dad and sone stronger together

Salience Team’s Up to Make TMS Therapy More Affordable Dallas, TX – Salience TMS Neuro Solutions a national leader in TMS Therapy treatment for depression and SMARTHealth PayCard, a healthcare payment solutions leader announced today their partnership in making healthcare accessible whenever needed. “We are committed to improving the overall mental health of patients,” said…

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New Partnership with The Noesis Clinic and Dr. Umar Latif

TMS therapy Dallas Plano Fort Worth - magnetic therapy Dallas Plano Fort Worth - therapy for depression Dallas Plano Fort Worth – Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

TMS Neuro Solutions, a leading provider of rTMS Therapy in Texas, announced today a new partnership with The Noesis Clinic and Dr. Umar Latif. This partnership facilitated the opening of new TMS Center in Crossroads, Texas to serve Denton County and the surrounding cities including, Prosper, Aubrey, Little Elm, Denton, Corinth, and Argyle. TMS Neuro…

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