Employee Assistant Program

Don’t forget to take advantage of our employee assistant program!
The Employee Assistant Program provided through New Direction. New Direction is one of the fastest growing behavioral health care companies in the nation. Their EAP supports nearly 2 million Americans employed across the US, providing them the tools they need to overcome life challenges that can affect their health, daily life or job performance.
Our EAP program provides more than jest behavior health; these services include:

  • Short-term counseling
  • Legal referrals
  • Financial Referrals
  • Health Coaching
  • Work/life Plus

Go online today and view all the resources that they provide to you to improve your overall health, help you with your legal needs, manage your money, increase3 your performance at work, and care for your loved ones.

Online Portal Instruction:
Go to: www.ndbh.com
Select: Individual and Family Members
Choose: Employee Assistant Program
Enter company code: TMS
Alternatively, you may contact them directly 24/7 at (800) 624-5544