TMS Therapy

What is TMS Therapy?

Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a safe and effective treatment that uses MRI strength pulses to treat the cause of mood disorders like depression. Unlike medication, which only treats symptoms, TMS Therapy targets the neurological problem: disconnected neural networks in the brain. During outpatient, non-invasive sessions, Salience treatments encourage positive brain activity to reconnect these networks, helping to create long-term relief from depression and often other mood disorders.

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How TMS Therapy Works?

To directly target the cause of depression, we strengthen the Salience Network, which regulates your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. This network’s deficiency – or lack of communication between your neurotransmitters – often results in depression symptoms, as well as symptoms of other mood disorders.

TMS therapy safely uses MRI strength pulses to increase communication, connectivity, and improve neural activity within the Salience Network. By restoring this network, TMS strengthens your brain's ability to relay the signals and recruit important brain networks that regulate your mood and behavior.

This concept is similar to physical therapy for physical rehabilitation. TMS therapy uses repetition to build strength and get your brain in the habit of sending these signals on its own. By reconnecting the Salience Network, people experience improvement with their depression and often symptoms associated with anxiety, PTSD, sleep, attention, and cognition.

Why Treat with Salience TMS?

TMS Treatment North Dallas - TMS Therapy North Dallas | Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

Dedicated Patient Advocates at Each Location

Our onsite patient advocates are experts in all things TMS Therapy. As highly trained individuals, they will help to educate you or your loved ones on TMS Therapy. They will explain your insurance coverage, work to get you approved, and help to set up your initial appointments. They will be your resource in getting started with TMS Therapy.

TMS Treatment North Dallas - TMS Therapy North Dallas | Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

Transparent Insurance Coverage and Payment Plans

Your focus should be on reconnecting to your life, not your insurance. Our team navigates insurance coverage for you, handling everything, start to finish. Our process is transparent, with estimated costs presented upfront – before treatment begins. We offer our patients a variety of payment plans and options that your Patient Advocate can review with you.

TMS Treatment North Dallas - TMS Therapy North Dallas | Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

Remission and Response Rates

Salience patient remission rates range from 50% to 60%, with over 75% of our patients reporting improved depression symptoms. Our high remission rates are a result of our team's dedication to improving and optimizing each patient's outcomes by monitoring patient progress daily and weekly through measurement-based tools. Our proprietary comprehensive treatment plan will give you much more than just TMS Therapy.

TMS Treatment North Dallas - TMS Therapy North Dallas | Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

Driven by Research

Salience TMS's clinical research department partners with the top universities and medical institutes around the world to enhance our patient outcomes and contribute to the advancement of TMS Therapy for all patients.

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With over 200,000 treatments performed and an over 75% positive response rate reported, our FDA-approved treatment has a track record of reconnecting patients with their lives.

Our Locations in Houston

Salience TMS and Greater Houston Psychiatric Associates partnered up to provide high-quality TMS Therapy at locations across the Houston metropolitan area. GHPA's psychiatrists and affiliated therapists have decades of experience providing comprehensive psychiatric and psychotherapy services to children, adolescents, and adults. See our locations below and connect with us to learn more about TMS Therapy. Or call us at 281-962-4550 for more information.

Salience Houston - Loop Central

4888 Loop Central Drive Suite 405, Houston Tx 77081

(281) 962-4550

Salience West Houston

2901 Wilcrest Drive, Suite 520, Houston, TX 77042

(281) 971-3132

Salience South Houston

11550 Fuqua Street, Suite 560, Houston, TX 77034

(281) 962-4699

A Salience Story

Depression almost took everything from Vicki, including her life. Then she discovered Salience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will insurance cover TMS therapy?

Yes. Most insurance carriers cover TMS therapy. However, some insurance plans only cover the cost of treatment on a case-by-case basis. Before treatment begins, your personal patient advocate will verify coverage and review your insurance benefits with you, making sure you know the cost before getting started.

Are there any side effects?

A major benefit of TMS therapy is that it doesn't cause the common side effects associated with antidepressants. Some patients report mild discomfort or headache during the procedure; however, these effects are temporary.

How will TMS therapy impact my use of medication?

Patients usually stay on their regular medication throughout treatment. TMS therapy may not eliminate the need to continue taking antidepressants. However, it may reduce the amount of medication you take, essentially minimizing the side effects associated with them. Based on your response to treatment, your prescribing doctor can help you determine what is right for you.

How long do treatments take?

Our treatment visits are in and out in 30 minutes or less. The length depends upon your needs and customized treatment plan. As a non-invasive form of treatment, there is no downtime. So, you can return to normal activity immediately after each session. Typically, patients undergo 36 sessions over seven weeks of treatment.

Antidepressants have made my depression worse. Will TMS therapy do the same?

When treatment is completed as prescribed, there is no evidence that TMS therapy can worsen the symptoms of depression on a permanent basis.