The Long-term Effects of Not Seeking Treatment for Depression

Long term effects of depression on this man

What are the long-term effects of not seeking treatment for depression? Depression can affect people of all ages and sex, but many people are unaware of the symptoms associated with depression. More importantly, many people are unaware of all the treatment options available to address depression and what happens if it goes untreated. It is…

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Treatment Options For Someone Suffering From Depression?

The man and his provider discuss treatment options for depression.

Treatment Options For Someone Suffering From Depression Developing the right treatment plan for you starts with a better understanding of your symptoms and arriving at an accurate diagnosis with your provider. Your provider will help you better understand your illness, the symptoms you are experiencing, the stresses in your life, and any other diseases you…

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Feeling Anxious About Coronavirus?

coronavirus anxiety tips - anxious about coronavirus - stressed about coronavirus - anxious about COVID-19 - coronavirus anxiety help from Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

Some Tips to Help Manage Anxiety about Coronavirus Fear about the coronavirus has absorbed the world, and we understand that the outbreak of the coronavirus disease may be stressful for people. Fear and anxiety about a condition can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions in people of all ages. Coping with your stress and anxiety…

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5 Steps You Can Do Today To Improve Your Mental Health

Improve Your Mental Health – Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

Tell Yourself Something Positive. Positive things set the foundation for a great day. We always greet other people and encourage other people daily, but we often miss out on ourselves. Could you take a moment today to do some self-talking to lead to a more positive day? Self-talk or inner dialogue is found to add…

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6 Myths about TMS Treatment Debunked

Myths about TMS Treatment – Facts about TMS Treatment – TMS Treatment Info – Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

Myth #1. TMS Treatment is not covered by insurance and cost too much. TMS Treatment is widely covered by most of the major insurance companies out there. At Salience TMS, we accept most major insurance providers. Cost of treatment is on a case-by-case basis. Before treatment begins, your patient advocate will verify coverage and review…

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7 Facebook Pages to Follow about Mental Health Support and Education

7 Mental Health Facebook Pages to Follow for Support & Education – Salience TMS Dallas – Fort Worth

1. Mental Health America – MHA Mental Health America is a dedicated organization for addressing the needs of those living with mental illness and promoting the overall mental health of all Americans. They are the nation’s leading community-based nonprofit on mental health. Their work is driven by their commitment to promoting mental health as a…

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TMS vs. ECT: What You Need to Know

TMS vs ECT: What's the Difference Between TMS and ECT? Which is More Effective, TMS or ECT? – Salience TMS Neuro Dallas – Fort Worth

Many people confuse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) Treatment with Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT). Confusing the two is understandable as both are forms of treatment used to help patients with depression, but this is the only thing that these have in common. While ECT uses an electrical current to stimulate the entire brain, TMS Treatment uses a…

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New Partnership with The Noesis Clinic and Dr. Umar Latif

TMS therapy Dallas Plano Fort Worth - magnetic therapy Dallas Plano Fort Worth - therapy for depression Dallas Plano Fort Worth – Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

TMS Neuro Solutions, a leading provider of rTMS Therapy in Texas, announced today a new partnership with The Noesis Clinic and Dr. Umar Latif. This partnership facilitated the opening of new TMS Center in Crossroads, Texas to serve Denton County and the surrounding cities including, Prosper, Aubrey, Little Elm, Denton, Corinth, and Argyle. TMS Neuro…

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Discover 5 Strategies to Help Your Depression

TMS therapy Dallas Plano Fort Worth - magnetic therapy Dallas Plano Fort Worth - therapy for depression Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth and Houston – Salience TMS Neuro Solutions

Here are the Top 5 Strategies from Dr. David Crumpacker to help with your depression this year: Make sure to seek the right help. This year you don’t need to struggle alone with your depression. So many providers in the DFW Metroplex guide mental health, but the question with so many options is, WHO do…

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